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Ylang Ylang
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Ylang ylang essential oil (Cananga odorata) is one of my favorite oils. Although it's often only thought of as only a nice-smelling oil, the physical and emotional support ylang ylang can offer is much more than just a room deodorizer. It's smells overwhelming floral and sweet...in fact the descriptions I've read of the aroma include words like "intoxicating", "cloying", even "narcotic", which is interesting since historically it's said the original wild flower actually had no aroma at all. Ylang ylang oil is said to work with the cardiovascular, endocrine, and hormonal systems, as well as supporting emotional and spiritual balance. Many of these properties and the potential uses for ylang ylang are those that closely link the body to the emotions or the mind, showing very clearly the mind-body connection and how Nature can help our body find balance as a whole.

Primary Benefits:-

• Helps balance hormones.

• Promotes healthy skin and hair.

• Lifts mood while having a calming effect.