✔ Skin anatomy and diagnosis
                         ✔ Customer Service and Consultation Skills
                         ✔ Understanding Skin Problem and Disease
                         ✔ Skin aging and prevention
                         ✔ Sensitive Skin Causes and Solutions
                         ✔ Addressing Adult and Teen Acne
                         ✔ Welcome Massage Technique
                         ✔ Professional hands-on skills
                         ✔ Exfoliation/ Extraction skills- Comedones and Pustules
                         ✔ Comprehensive massage techniques (Face, Eye, Decollete, Shoulder)
                         ✔ Professional Masks Application Technique
                         ✔ Serum & Ampoule application technique 

Duration: 180 hours (3 weeks on-site training)

Certificate: BG International College (Diploma); Sylvie Hennessy Academy (Diploma); SKM level 1